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BEARCAT GRUNTS is compiled by VetWebs and the name derives from the authors time at BEARCAT with the Royal Thai Army Volunteer Forces and the 720th US Military Police. The second word GRUNTS is the noise made by a Bear.  So you could say that this newsletter / web site is a voice, a way of communication, a means of getting information and views to readers.
Information contained in this Web page may be used in the interest of Veterans.   Submissions from other parties are in their own words and not a precis, unless requested. Advertising information is freely supplied for those who assist Vietnam Veterans.
Nick Quigley OAM President, Vietnam Veterans Association Australia, Central Queensland Sub Branch.
Making Web Pages has been great fun, challenging and rewarding when you can see the work alive on the World Wide Web.When navigating around this site, you will find something for everyone. 
Quite a number of photos from my tour of Vietnam and the years before and leading up to being Conscripted.
Banner artwork was designed by Nick using photos from the appropriate time