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I was Drafted for National Service on the 3rd October 1967 and did my basic training at Singletons 3rd Training Battalion and 7th Platoon (3TB 7Plt)  Basic training was a ten week session which included learning to march, using the FN 7.62 Self Loading Rifle (SLR), range shooting, starting to get physically fit, and learning how to work as a team under command. 

Later I was posted to Eastern Hills Marconi School of Wireless in Sydney.  Here we learnt morse code, operational procedures and basic operation of Army Signals equipment.   

139 Signals Enogara.jpg (51128 bytes)
139 Signal Sqn.
  At Enoggera Brisbane
3TB Singleton 1967.jpg (81689 bytes)  
Singleton 3TB October 1967

3Nick Quigley 1733706 3TB 7PL B Coy.jpg (9492 bytes)  
Nick Quigley on passing out parade day Singleton 1967

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Nick Quigley and Bess Robinson Sydney 1968.jpg (44839 bytes)  
Nick Quigley with Grandmother Bess Robinson Sydney 1967
Nick Quigley 1733706 3TB 7PL B Coy.jpg (15175 bytes) 
 Nick Quigley at Singleton 3rd Training Battalion 1967

I was posted to Balcombe, South Victoria, to the School of Signals where we continued to learn about antennas, propagation, and radio equipment.  On passing out, I was posted to 139 Sig. Sqn. at Brisbane.  Picture below taken at Balcombe on passing out night, Jeff and Jenine Cayzer.  Jeff still lives in the Brisbane area and is a good friend of Geoff Mullins Channel 10 TV, neither went to Vietnam.

Jeff & Jenine Cayzer 1967 Balcombe.gif (108702 bytes)  
Jeff & Jenine Cayzer - Balcombe 1968
Balcombe2.jpg (8335 bytes)  
BR ? Varley, Dan Jamie, ? Doig, Geoff Mullins
FR ? Harris, Nick Quigley, Bob Tapscot, Stev Swain

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After going to Rockhampton for exercise Coral Sands and being based at Pink Lily we were eventually sent to Canungra Jungle Training School.  A hard 21 days of running, pushups, battle training, bear pits, barb wire and the jump off the tower into the river.  I was on the 95/68 Course in August of 1968.  Cold, freezing, the only way to keep warm was to run...

cunungra 9568 NQ on right.jpg (12837 bytes)
 95/68 JTC Left to right ?,?,?,Nick Quigley
cunungra 9568 Normie Rowe.jpg (30048 bytes)  
Normie Rowe
center of photo at Canungra JTC
cunungra 9568.jpg (24495 bytes)
 Canungra 95/68 Course names unknown
Huey Inspection.jpg (16438 bytes)
 Huey inspection Enoggera Brisbane

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Not a pleasant place to go at any time, let along in the middle of winter.  With frost on the grass, we donned our black runners, shorts and army singlets and were out running, doing our PT, over the cargo nets, swimming in the river and later to be sent to Vietnam, where I can't remember ever wearing a jumper.

From Canungra to 1 Sig Regt., in Sydney for holding before departure to Vietnam.   We left Sydney aboard a commercial QANTAS 707 flight QF177 flying direct Sydney - Darwin, Darwin - Singapore and on to Saigon. And finally by Caribou from Saigon to Nui Dat.

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Venning Smith Quigley Thomson.jpg (21845 bytes) 
Back - Ian Venning, John Smith, Nick Quigley
Front - Alan Thomson - Sydney 18 Nov 68
Brian Bultditude Nick Quigley Jock Howeth.jpg (25382 bytes)
Brian Bultitude, Nick Quigley, Jock Howeth - Nui Dat
104 Sigs FSB Kerry Gun Pit.jpg (11058 bytes)
 FSB Kerry 104 Sigs Gun Pit
16 Sept 1969 104 Sigs.gif (240438 bytes)  
BR Trevor Walton (Deceased 31 Dec 1999), Jim O'Leary, John Perry, Jock Howeth
FR Nick Quigley, Alan Smith, Ian Venning, Rob MacGregor, Brian Bultitude - Nui Dat 16 Sept 1969

We were posted to 104 Sig Sqn in Vietnam from 18th Nov 1968 to 17 Sept 1969.

104 ORs lines.gif (231856 bytes)
   104 Sig Radio Troop Lines
104 Sigs Gun Pit 2.jpg (34343 bytes)  
104 Sigs gun pit at Nui Dat
104 Sig Sqn Party Time.gif (271700 bytes)
 104 Sigs Booza
104 Sig Sqn Party Time 2.gif (248889 bytes)  
104 Sigs Booza
Members of 104 Sig Sqn, didn't sit about the base at Nui Dat, they were generally attached to other units and served with them and wherever they went.  Back to Top

My first posting was to 1 Fld Sqn Engineers RAE.  The detachment Sig was required to operated the "Elevate" Switch along with the Task Force radio net and the local Engineers radio network.  We were also deployed with the Engineers on various operations in the province.

FSB Duster was the temporary home for the Big Red 1 US Marines and the detachment there was to operate the liaison radio network between the US Marines, our own Task Force and the operation headquarters of the ARVN.  When the Big Red 1 moved out the FSB was dismantled

Duster Sun Set.jpg (96004 bytes)
   FSB Duster
Mess Line Big Red 1 FSB Duster.jpg (18202 bytes)
  Big Red 1 Mess line at FSB Duster
Mess Raid FSB Duster Quigley on right.jpg (14322 bytes)  
Eating the spoils of a mess
raid at FSB Duster
Nick Quigley FSB Duster.jpg (18694 bytes)  
Nick Quigley at FSB Duster

During the TET Offensive I was posted to the US Advisers and the 2/52 ARVN at Trang Bom.  We operated out of a rubber plantation, gathering information on enemy troop movement.  The information was coded and sent to both FSB Kerry and to the operators at Bearcat for assessment.  

While with the Advisers we toured Down Town Ap Duon Nga and Bau Ca.  Small Vietnamese villages, but strongholds for the VC.   Our job was to entertain the kids while the advisers talked with the village adults.  
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Ap Duon Ngo Trevor Hart with hat.jpg (20791 bytes)  
Trevor Hart (hat) entertaining the kids
Ap Duon Nga.jpg (104820 bytes)  
The Village of Ap Duon Nga
BauCa.jpg (118500 bytes)  
Village of Bau Ca
John Carr at Bau Ca.jpg (25031 bytes)  
John Carr at Bau Ca

During an Australian operation in the Delta, I was posted to VC Hill in Vung Tau on the Retrans.  Living on top of the Hill behind the US Communication Base we operated a PRC 125 set as a repeater.  

ReTrans 104 Sigs VC Hill Vung Tau.jpg (7096 bytes)  
VC Hill Vung Tau - 104 Sig Sqn Retrans
US Army Comms Base VC Hill Vung Tau.jpg (19640 bytes) 
US Communications Base on VC Hill Vung Tau

Powered by 32Volt gensets, the retrans was the life line between the troops in the field and the Task Force back in Nui Dat.  Back to Top

The longest posting was to D TOC at Bearcat.  The home of the Royal Thai Army Volunteer Forces, known as the Panthers.    Bearcat was also the home base for the EMU unit (Experimental Military Unit) and endless numbers of helicopters, the 720th Military Police and the 173rd Airborne.

Bearcat D TOC.jpg (24267 bytes)
DTOC Bearcat and on the right, drums of Agent White ?
Bruce and Nick Bar at Bearcat.jpg (20633 bytes) 
 The Bruce Meakins and Nick Quigley Bar at Bearcat
Bruce Meakins3.jpg (44740 bytes)  
 Bruce Meakins At Bearcat
Bearcat Helicopter repair base.jpg (41760 bytes) 
 Helicopter repair base at Bearcat
Bruce Meakins and Nick Quigley 23 Jan 2000.jpg (37469 bytes)  
 Bruce Meakins and Nick Quigley 23 Jan 2000
Bearcat sand baggers.jpg (58722 bytes)  
Vietnamese sand baggers at Bearcat
EMU Drive in Bearcat.jpg (19737 bytes)  
EMU Drive in Bearcat and ?? and Johny OKeefe 25 Aug 1969
Spooky doing a target at Bearcat.jpg (16514 bytes) 
 Spooky firing into a target at Bearcat
Bearcat Security Pass.jpg (21308 bytes)  
Bearcat DTOC Security Pass
FSB Kerry 1.jpg (14402 bytes)  
FSB Kerry
FSB Kerry 2.jpg (15687 bytes) 
 FSB Kerry
Bearcat below.jpg (14275 bytes)   
Bearcat base below
FSB Mohawke.jpg (39061 bytes)  
FSB Mohawk
FSB Elizabeth Route 1.jpg (17272 bytes)  
FSB Elizabeth
FSB Julia.jpg (87249 bytes)  
FSB Julia
Bruce Meakins at Bearcat.jpg (14188 bytes)   
Bruce Meakins at Bearcat with 720th US Military Police
Captured VC RPGs.jpg (27311 bytes)  
Captured RPG7s and RPG3, Bearcat
720th Military Police Bearcat.jpg (16072 bytes)  
720th US Military Police at Bearcat SSG Hogan with cap
Bearcat Band and MP.jpg (80694 bytes)
Vietnamese Band visiting Bearcat with 720th Military Police guard
Bearcat birm.jpg (30927 bytes)  
Bearcat Birm
Bearcat 720th Military Police Nick Quigley right.jpg (31631 bytes)   
720th US Military Police - Jim Morgans (white tee shirt) and Bill Antilla (no shirt) with Vietnamese bag fillers Nick Quigley on the far right with a beer

I became an Australian Citizen on the 25th July 1990 and I have lived on and off in Rockhampton since 1966.
On the 13th August 1999 I left work on health reasons and I'm now a TPI pensioner.

Nick Quigley  1733706  Ex 104 Sig. Sqn. Royal Australian Signals
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