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On the 1st September 1973 I married Helen Margaret Bull

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Helen was born in Bairnsdale, Victoria.  Her family moved to sunny Queensland when her two brothers developed Asthma. After attending the Hall State School and Rockhampton High School, Helen found her first job in administration at Red Comb, a farm and feed supplier.    

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Then, many years later Helen moved up to Thompson's Aerated Waters, a soft drink manufacturer out on Gladstone Road.  Helen worked here as a ledger-machinist and in the office administration. With this experience behind her and when Thompson's closed the doors to build the present Cattle City Motel on the site, Helen moved on to Hillman Motors, an engine machining company in Denison Street. Again Helen worked on the Ledger Machine and in administration.
In 1984 when we adopted Andrew, Helen ceased working untill Andrew went to Primary School. Since then she attended a TAFE course in Administration and worked with Linatec Industries. Helen later worked for ten years as a Welfare Officer for Rockhampton Legacy. She has retired now and works voluntarily once a week for Central Queensland Veteran Support (CQVSC)as a Pensions Officer.

In 1984 we adopted Andrew John at 6 weeks and a beautiful baby who would change our lives and add masses of happiness. 

Andrew First Day at Home 1984.jpg (5061 bytes)
Andrew on his first day at home
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Bryce and Andrew in the Sound Box at North Rockhampton State High School

As Andrew grew up he took interests in Soccer, Nikido Ju Jutsu, Cubs, Scouts, learning the Guitar, rock climbing, computers and back stage work for High School productions.  Andrew specialised, along with Bryce Hassam in the sound and lighting side of the productions for North Rockhampton High School.  Bryce now works for Stage & Audio in Rockhampton
Andrew has taken his interest in music to cars and is involved with the installation and fine tuning of serious car sound systems.  He has joined Car Audio Australia and talks in decibels and dollars.

Computers are a tool and Andrew has used them to the best of his knowledge to improve his music.  He is capable of changing the configuration and hardware / software as required to carry out the task.

Andrew completed two years at Central Queensland University studying Batchelor of Business Accounting and after passing all subjects has decided to try for a Motor Trade. Andrew has a natural ability with mechanical devices and is doing very well. After completing the Pre- Vocational training at TAFE Andrew is now working in the Mechanical Engineering field and loving it.

The World Wide Web has so many interesting features.  If only potential users would look at the good side of the Web and see the open ended, infinite amount of information that can be available to them.    Back to Top

My interest in Computers has led to all sorts of opportunities.  I have used my computer to store the family tree, to write stories, look after share portfolios, database names and addresses for clubs, have fun and games with and many interesting hours have been spent at the keyboard. I recommend to those who are out to buy there first computer or upgrade one, not to look at the Dollars.  Look at what you are getting and what you are not.  Look what is bundled with the Computer, are you really getting a good deal?  Look toward your computer lasting 3 years and always ensure that it can be upgraded.   

Now of course with the Internet "the World is at our finger tips". 
So enjoy it!  

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I have connected computers and Amateur Radio with the Packet Radio concept of digital communication.  Very slow, but error free and a lot of fun. Now with IRLP and digital communications via broadband the world is at the touch of a button.


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  Nick, Andrew and Helen Quigley Sept 1999
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